MRC x Monica Chamberlain

We sat down with Monica, the artist behind our latest #MRCArtists Collection 
to talk about her art and what "the spirit of the East Coast" means to her. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Born and raised on the East coast, the city of Moncton is where I call home.

When I’m not spending time in the studio, you’ll most likely find my husband and I
scouring the corners of our province in search of our next special find to complete
our dream home project. 

A bit of an insomniac with a tendency to overthink, my art is where I find my calm.

When did you first find a passion for art and what inspires your work?

I can’t remember a time in my life where art has not been present for me. I’ve
always had a need to imagine and create.

A fascination with nature, and how each of its creatures navigates their own
unique world plays a big role in my art. I’m in constant awe of bird’s migratory
patterns, a moth’s ability to find the light and other secrets they keep within them.
It’s what inspires me to dig deeper. My love of watercolour allows me to be in a
constant state of exploration and inventiveness.

Who is your favourite artist? 

Erika Lee Sears (@erikaleesears) is a master of light and colour. Her fruit paintings
have literally taken my breath away!

I also can’t get enough of Joshua Vides (@joshuavides) mind bending installations.

You chose to donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of your collection to the Canadian Whale Institute. What does this charity mean to you?

I feel that we have a responsibility as humans to be more mindful of how we treat
our environment. I’ve had a deep love of whales since I can remember and I’m so
thankful for the work that the Campobello rescue team does to keep them
protected. Their efforts to change marine policy have made right whales safer in
their habitat, from altering shipping lanes, to establishing habitat areas to be

What does "the spirit of the East Coast" mean to you?

There’s the obvious love of our surroundings that can find us experiencing the
best of both worlds between city life rich with music, food and local artisans and
country life with its quiet and ease. But it’s the sense of community that is unique
to our region that speaks the most to me. There’s definitely something about the
people in our little corner that can’t be found anywhere’s else!

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