MRC x Kirsten Stackhouse

We sat down with Kirsten, the artist behind our latest #MRCArtists Collection 
to talk about her art and what "the spirit of the East Coast" means to her. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Kirsten Stackhouse, I was born and raised in rural New Brunswick,
and I am based in Fredericton now. I started exploring digital art at a very young
age, creating illustrations and tutorials, and expressing myself through digital
painting. I went on to study Graphic Design and Theatre, and I’ve worked as a
designer and illustrator both in the agency world and as a freelancer. I now work
full time as an instructor at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, and
do freelancing and fun projects for myself on the side. Outside of working, I love
exploring the East Coast by car, bike, and boat, taking photographs, and I have a
weird obsession with finding off-the-path rural gas stations and convenience
stores - they have so much personality!

When did you first find a passion for art and what inspires your work?

I started creating drawings in Microsoft Paint as soon as I was able to use a
computer, which developed into experimenting with better programs and tools by
the time I was a teenager. That was in the mid 2000s, and there were a lot of
resources and communities online I latched on to, both to learn from and share
my work with. Present day, I do a lot of character-based and abstract illustrations
for clients, but when I do work truly for myself it’s very split stylistically - half of
that work is very clean and line-based or geometric, often incorporating icons or
text. This more graphic style really suits stickers and apparel, but at the core the
work usually links back to trying to express a place or theme. The other half of me
is more painterly, usually inspired by atmosphere and mood. I feel something or
want to explore a feeling, and I will try to create a digital painting that
communicates that energy.

Who is your favourite artist? 

Growing up I was a huge fan of Lois van Baarle, Emmy Cicierega, and Alice
Zhang, I taught myself to draw by watching those digital artists. I’m a big fan of
photographers Franco Fontana and Michael Kenna, and I love the minimal
landscape work by Newfoundland based photographer Ned Pratt. With regards to
designers, I’m a fan of Kate Moross, Aaron Draplin, Marta Veludo, Morag
Myerscough, and Saul Bass (just to name a few haha).

You chose to donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of your collection
to the John Howard Society of Fredericton. What does this charity mean to

During the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic the number of homeless people
just in Fredericton alone exploded. The John Howard Society assists inmates, ex-
offenders, and those considered “at risk” to offend (due to their economic,
emotional, social, or other factors). A major commitment of theirs is to end
homelessness. They provide shelter and support to homeless people, regardless
of their past, and it’s a charity and cause I really feel passionately about

What does "the spirit of the East Coast" mean to you?

There is a unique kindness and a special kind of beauty here. But I think the spirit
of the East Coast really lives in small moments: bonfires with friends, kayaking
with your toes touching the water, road trips to the ocean, making a run to the gas
station just for Polar Pops, five friends pushing another friend’s car up an icy hill,
floating in lakes, hazy sunsets, and all of that stuff.. I think it’s all of those little
moments you really miss when you are somewhere that is not here that actually
make the East Coast so special to me.

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