MRC x Janna Wilton

We sat down to chat with Janna, the artist behind our new "Rooted in the East
Coast" designs, to talk about her art and what "the spirit of the East
Coast" means to her. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Janna Wilton and I was born and raised in the East Coast. I am very
new to the art world and am having so much fun creating and discovering all the
amazing ways of expressing myself with watercolour! I work full time as a nurse
with most of my background in mental health and addictions and I count it such
a joy to be able to pursue painting alongside my nursing career. When I am not
working I am busy exploring our beautiful province and probably out searching
for the next best poutine! 

When did you first find a passion for art and what inspires your work?

Although I would have considered myself a “crafty” person, I found a passion for
art in 2019 when I first attempted watercolour painting. It was a definite love at
first stroke and I remember knowing immediately that this was going to be a big
part of my life! I am constantly inspired by the faces around me, the architecture
of buildings and by the breathtaking scenery of the East Coast. And did I mention
I LOVE florals! 

Who is your favourite artist?

My favourite artist is definitely an urban sketcher named Danny Hawk who
resides in Berlin, Germany. His sketches and paintings are so inspiring to me and
he always has the most dreamy colours pallets! In a year where we weren’t able
to travel, I found myself often being transported as he captured the beautiful
architecture of his country. 

You chose to donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of your collection
to Adsum for Women and Children. What does this charity mean to you?

Throughout my nursing career, I have consistently been amazed with the care,
respect and dedication Adsum for Women and Children has provided to those in
need of secure housing and a safe living environment. They provide support,
strategy and advocacy for families who are marginalized and in need of support
and a voice. I am so thrilled to be able to donate towards this worthy cause. 

What does "the spirit of the East Coast" mean to you?

The Spirit of the East Coast to me is that feeling of travelling halfway around the
world and knowing that there is no better place to be than home. There is such
beauty and kindness in the East Coast that is tangible as you travel through. I am
always in awe of the hospitality all around me! 

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