MRC x Alyssa Doggett

We sat down with Alyssa, the artist behind our new 'Cabot Trail' and 'Cape
Breton' designs to talk about her art and what "the spirit of the East Coast"
means to her. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Halifax NS. My partner and I have two beautiful girls who 
are 2 and 7. I am a full time stay at home mother and have part time child care out
of my home which allows me time to focus and work on my art.

When did you first find a passion for art and what inspires your work?

I always enjoyed crafting when I was little. My mother always says that I could just
sit and color for hours. I actually started my portfolio to apply to NSCAD (Nova
Scotia College of Art and Design) when I was in grade 11, but I didn't think it
would lead to a career so I didn't finish it. 6 years ago I felt an urge to paint to help
relax and de-stress. I started with acrylic and then I was gifted watercolors one
Christmas. They were challenging but I enjoyed trying to figure them out and fell in
love. Not much is more relaxing than going with the flow of the water. In terms of
inspiration, I get inspired by all kinds of things such as colors, shadows, sunsets,
the seasons and the Maritimes (to name a few). I am self taught and part of what I
enjoy and what inspires me is the challenge in figuring out how to paint different

Who is your favourite artist?

My favorite artists, whose use of colors are so inspiring, are Jessica Jane
(@sijesns) , Erika Lee Sears (@erikaleesears) and Jurell Cayetano

You chose to donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of your collection
to the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning. What does this charity mean to

I wanted to choose a charity that helps with teens mental health as I was that teen
that needed those services. When I was searching for such a charity, I came
across the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning. It is just down the street from
the highschool I attended and they help teens at risk for dropping out of school by
focusing on creative learning. I absolutely love their initiative and will look into
volunteering there once my 2 year old is a bit older and I get a bit more free time
on my hands. 

What does "the spirit of the East Coast" mean to you?

The spirit of the East Coast to me .. the best I can describe it is "community". In
the thick of Covid-19, walking down the street with my girls almost every other
house had signs in their windows with encouraging words and thanking the front
line and essential workers. In such a time filled with anxiety and the unknowns,
everyone was doing what they could to help uplift others, which is so beautiful
and makes me proud of my fellow East Coasters.

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